You have a meeting and you are in the middle of a traffic jam!

More than just a car… The combination of tradition and technology, fusion of ultra-luxurious ambiance and the ideal office environment… In these cars, traffic will no longer be a problem for you and it will become an opportunity to enjoy your car. You can make your presentation; you can answer your e-mail and sip your coffee while traveling.

A tactile poetry…

Normally the automotive sector gives our interest to the driver and tells an ergonomics concept focused entirely around the driver’s seat. However, having unlimited possibilities in the VIP compartment by moving away from the steering wheel offers a cruise experience that you never give up.

Business Edition Purple White Matte

Black Line Business Edition

Pure Wood Business Edition

Mercedes V-Class Business Lounge

Classic Business Edition

Modern Business Edition

Carbon Line Business Edition

Classic Line Business Edition

Rolls-Royce Starlight Business Edition