30 Year Edition

Designed in Italy "Homologated in Spain"
If you are sitting on this seat, such is the proof that you have achieved a great deal in life. You can now feel free for further success lying ahead.

You wake up in the morning and get in your car energetically and desire to get it off with the same energy you had as you got in.

Ertex pledges that you will get off your car relieved and relaxed beyond being energetic in its 30. Year series.

Ertex means comfort since 1989. However, we now talk about a brand-new simplicity, elegance and comfort in our world ever changing with technology.

Comfortable seats adjustable on 23 different points are manufactured specially to your liking. You can operate everything, namely massage program, seat ventilation system, fridge, coffee machine, study desk or footrest designed to facilitate your life by a single touch of your finger.